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Ingredients, Health & Safety

  • Do Président® products contain any known allergens?

    • Président® Products contain milk. For any other allergens we recommend you refer directly to the ingredients statement of the product.
  • Are Président® products lactose free?

    • All Président® products come from milk which contains lactose.
  • Are Président® products vegetarian friendly?

    • Most of the Président® products are vegetarian friendly according to the lacto ovo vegetarian definition (allowing dairy and egg but no animal or fish).but not all. Please verify the list of ingredients on the label.
      • Among the Président® products vegetarian friendly are Président® Butter contains three simple ingredients (pasteurized cream, cultures and salt), and the Président® Brie and Camembert cheeses
      • On the contrary, because it contains lipase from animal origin, the Président® Feta cheese does not comply with the requirement of the vegetarian diet.
    • For other Président® products, we recommend you look at the ingredients list on the label to verify that it is compliant with a vegetarian diet.
  • Are Président® cheeses safe to consume during pregnancy?

    • Please consult your doctor prior to eating any cheese while pregnant.
  • Are Président® products Kosher?

    • Most of the Président® products are Kosher but not all. To verify if a Président® product is Kosher, we recommend you look for the kosher symbol on the product label.
  • Are cultures added to Président® products?

    • Many of our Président® products, such as Brie cheese, Feta cheese or butter, have added cultures. Cultures are active lactic bacteria, traditionally used in President dairy products to enhance their flavor, and give them their great texture.
    • When added the cultures are listed on the ingredient list.
  • Are Président® products made with milk that contains rBST?

    • All Président® products use rBST-free milk.



  • Can I freeze Président® products?

    • Although butter can be frozen, freezing is not recommended for any Président® product and especially for cheese. It can alter the appearance, the texture and taste of the product after it’s thawed.
    • In case you choose anyway to freeze your product, freezing should be done at or below 0 degrees Fahrenheit and the product kept at the same temperature. And thawing should be done at refrigeration temperature between 32 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.
      After thawing, keep your product in the fridge and consume it under 3 to 5 days.
    • Do not freeze products after opening of the container.


Farming & Animal Safety

  • How are the cows that produce Président® products treated?

    • Lactalis® American Group follows USDA standards and supports Animal welfare initiatives. We participate in programs to improve the comfort and health of our herds, such as the FARM National Dairy Farm Program (
    • Lactalis® American Group strives to comply with local and federal regulations, and the farms supplying milk are regularly inspected by the inspectors of the States Department of Agriculture.
  • Are antibiotics used on cows that produce milk for Président® products?

    • Our dairy farmers treat their cows with antibiotics for the health of the animal as needed under the advice of their Veterinarian but the milk from a dairy cow under treatment including the withhold period as established by the FDA is not offered for sale. The milk used to make the President products is antibiotic free.


Product Availability

  • Can I order Président® products online?

    • Depending on your location, Président® products can be available in online grocery stores and major retailers’ online store. You can find a store near you using our Product Locator.
  • My local grocery store has stopped stocking my favorite Président® product, what should I do?

    • Product availability depends on an individual store deciding to stock a product. We suggest contacting your store directly and asking that a product be restocked.