Davey's Ice Cream made with Président Cheese

Cheese-Flavored Ice Cream Is Summer’s Savory Surprise

Davey’s Ice Cream debuts cheese-flavored ice cream made with Président Creamy Brie  and Président Feta.

Photos by Jean Schwarzwalder

Cheese lovers in the Big Apple have something special to celebrate this summer. We have partnered with Davey’s Ice Cream for an exclusive collaboration. Together they’ve created cheese-flavored ice cream made with Président Cheese, and the results are divine.

The New York City-based Davey’s is renowned for churning out inventive frozen flavors using local ingredients. Their foodie-forward desserts are a natural fit for #LifeWellPaired with Président Cheese. These culinary forces have combined to create two limited edition cheese-flavored ice cream options.

Cheese-flavored ice cream made with Président Creamy BriePhotos by Jean Schwarzwalder

The two new frozen delicacies make use of delectable Président Creamy Brie and tangy Président Feta. “The Présidential Sweet” flavor combines Davey’s sweet cream ice cream with Président Creamy Brie, an oven-roasted garlic caramel swirl, and bits of brioche French toast. “You Feta Believe It” blends Davey’s signature sweet ice cream with Président Feta, Davey’s homemade guava curd, and spiced pie crust crumble. A few scoops of these creamy, textural treats are sure to cool you off.

Cheese-flavored ice cream made with Président Feta CrumblesPhotos by Jean Schwarzwalder

Cheese fans need to move quickly if they hope to indulge in these refreshing, savory concoctions. The flavors will only be available from August 3-10. Find the Feta flavor at Davey’s East Village location, or head to Williamsburg, Brooklyn to partake in the Brie ice cream. Both editions will be sold by the pint at Davey’s Greenpoint, Brooklyn location if a cone won’t cut it. And if it’s too hot to get on the subway, UberEats or Postmates will deliver your order.

Davey's Ice Cream and Président Cheese... for a limited time only!Photos by Jean Schwarzwalder