The Ultimate Feta Pairing Guide

The best thing about Feta is that it brings the perfect combination of unique taste and versatility to almost any dish, is it any wonder it has withstood the test of time? To read about where Feta came from and what it is, check out this article. The reason Feta is so well-loved in the culinary world is because it enhances the flavor of a dish with a salty tanginess. But not all Feta is made equal, the best type of Feta has a creamy yet easy-to-crumble texture and a salty/tangy flavor that’s not too overwhelming. The Président® brand offers a variety of Feta products that are made to enhance every meal, from breakfast to lunch, to snacks, and dinner.

The Best Way To Cook With Feta


One of the easiest and more popular ways to incorporate Feta to a dish is to crumble it. Feta Crumbles are so versatile that you can use them to garnish pasta, watermelon, grapes, nuts, chickpeas, potatoes, salads, pizza, or eggs. It’s the perfect tangy touch to elevate any dish.

Feta Cubes

Feta cubes are a quick and easy way to add Feta into your meal. Simply, cut your Feta Chunk into cubes or check out Président® Feta Marinated Cubes in olive oil, peppers and herbes de Provence to speed up your prep time.

Grilling Feta

Grilling Feta is a delicious option because it softens the texture and makes it nice and toasty. The best Feta for grilling would be a brick of Feta, just make sure you bring it to room temperature first before tossing it on the grill. Sear both sides of the cheese until you see golden grill marks. Grilled Feta pairs best with bread, pita or naan.

Baking Feta

Baking Feta, like grilling, softens its texture and makes it gooey. Feta Chunk brought to room temperature is the best for baking. Pair your baked Feta with crackers, naan, or crostini.

Marinating Feta

Marinated Feta is an easy way to infuse extra flavor into your dish. Marinating Feta gives it a creamy yet crumbly texture, perfect for topping. The best way to marinate Feta is to use a brick or cubed Feta, when it’s done crumble it over salads or enjoy it by topping off a cracker or crostini.


Looking to upgrade your go-to dip? Try whipping Feta! It’s easy and oh-so-delicious. Simply combine lemon, olive oil, Feta and cream cheese in a food processor and voilà. To achieve a creamy, velvety texture, you’ll need to use crumbled Feta. When it’s done, grab some crostinis, flatbread, fruit or veggies and enjoy.

Feta’s versatility doesn’t end with all the ways to prepare it. This cheese pairs well with many different foods, making it perfect for any occasion.

The Best Foods To Pair With Feta

From fresh fruit to classic noodles, Feta cheese offers a tangy final touch that adds depth to your meal.

1.   Fruits

This pairing may be the most surprising but adding Feta to sweet fruits like melons and stone fruits like apricots and nectarines adds a saltiness to complement the sweet flavors. Try it this summer, crumbled on top of sliced watermelon!

2.   Veggies

Feta is wonderful paired with vegetables like asparagus, red pepper, or zucchini. While some cheeses run the risk of overpowering vegetables’ subdued flavors, Feta offers a nice tangy balance that brings out the earthy and fresh flavors of most vegetables. Try this fresh recipe for Grilled Zucchini Salad, a wonderful addition to any patio dining this summer.

3.   Protein

Feta is a great addition to steak, chicken and tofu, but especially fish. Fish have a natural saltiness to them that, when combined with Feta’s flavor profile, brings the fresh and briney fish flavor to the next level. While cooked, fish can be milder in taste on its own, Feta brings a tangy boldness to the dish. Try this recipe for Feta Crumbles on grilled salmon, top it off with a squeeze of fresh lemon to invoke feelings of being by the sea.

4.   Crostinis/Crackers/Breads/Flatbreads

Crackers and cheese: a pair as old as time. Enjoy a piece of Feta atop. The only thing missing from this combination is a pour of crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

5.   Noodles

Try something different in your pasta dish, apart from Parmesan, Mozzarella or Ricotta cheeses, by adding Feta to your noodles as a delicious, tangy surprise. Feta’s tanginess dresses up the neutral taste of the noodles and is a great option the next time you find yourself out of pasta sauce! Try combining lemon, olive oil, garlic, chickpeas and crumbled Feta for a refreshing summer pasta dinner.

6.   Potatoes

One thing that Feta and potatoes have in common is that they pair well with herbs. The tanginess of Feta enhances the herbs and cuts through the starchiness of potatoes, offering a flavorful bite through the whole dish.

7.   Eggs

Adding Feta is the perfect final touch to a yummy Mediterranean-style omelet. Try adding Feta, spinach, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes for your next restaurant-level omelet.

8.   Pizza

Whisking yourself to the Almalfi coast for dinner is easier than you think! Top a flatbread with grape tomatoes, basil, pine nuts and crumbled Feta, pair with a glass of Chianti and you can almost hear the ocean waves crashing against the shore. Read the full recipe here.

We’ve walked through all the different ways to cook with Feta and the best foods to pair it with, the last step to becoming a true Feta pro is to understand how it interacts with other flavors.

The Best Flavors To Pair With Feta

Feta pairs well with all flavors because it strikes a perfect balance of adding and enhancing the flavor of the dish without overpowering the other ingredients.


Feta doesn’t always have to play the salty, tangy role. Drizzle some honey over a Feta cube for a sweet and salty treat. Balancing the sweet and salty flavors invigorates the senses and makes each bite more dynamic.


Feta is naturally salty but if you’re looking to elevate your salty craving, try cutting a Feta Chunk into cubes and coating them with crushed pistachios for a hearty and salty snack


Turn the heat up by adding chile infused olive oil to your Feta. Another option is cut Feta Chunk into cubes and marinate Feta cubes in olive oil and chiles, or spread some harissa on a Feta cube


Bring an earthy flavor to Feta’s tanginess by incorporating your favorite herb such as rosemary, basil, thyme, lavender, mint or dill. All you have to do is add your choice of herb to olive oil and let the Feta marinate in it. In a hurry? No problem. Simply drizzle your herb infused olive oil over Feta and serve.


Bring a sour tang to your Feta dish by drizzling balsamic vinegar on salads, flatbreads and pizzas. A second choice would be to squeeze a little fresh lemon on salads, fish or noodle dishes.


If you’re looking to make your Feta more savory, just add garlic. Either marinate feta cubes in olive oil and garlic or add garlic to whipped Feta.


To up the bitterness ante, crumble some Feta on peppery arugula and toss into your next salad. With powerful bitter ingredients that could be overwhelming for some palates, it’s nice to pair them with creamy and tangy Feta for a well-rounded balanced tasting dish.

Whether you’re looking for something simple to liven up your favorite dishes or impress your guests with creative combinations, Feta is an ingredient that pairs well with a variety of foods and flavors. Looking for more inspiration? Check out additional Feta recipes here.