Veggie Herb Cheese Board

Celebrate Labor Day with the Perfect Harvest Cheese Boards

Labor Day, the sign that summer is ending, and the harvest season is upon us. As summer gardens come to a close, now is the time to gather and incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs for a twist on classic cheese boards. Celebrate the arrival of autumn by building an easy cheese board appetizer that is perfect to share with friends and family.

Président® Brie Sweet Cheese Board with Caramelized Nuts and Jam

In the season of harvest, pay tribute to the fruits of summer labor with this appetizer. This board blends elements of salty and sweet by pairing caramelized nuts and apricot jam with soft and creamy Président® Brie. Prepare this autumnal cheese board and bring a delicacy to share at your Labor Day celebrations.

Sweet Cheese Board
Président® Brie Sweet Cheese Board with Caramelized Nuts and Jam

Pro Tips:

  • Be sure to place complimentary flavors close together.
  • Provide serving bases such as crackers, pretzels or veggies to balance the toppings and selections of cheese.
  • For presentation, arrange dishes and autumnal decor before placing meat, cheese, nuts, etc. Establish hierarchy on your board by ordering by color, size and shape.

Grilled Vegetable and Herb Président® Cheese Board

Looking for a hearty and robust flavor? Curate a board with roasted and grilled produce for a harvest-style flavor. Pair vegetables and herbs together with a combination of spreadable and sliced Président cheeses for this appetizer plate—a classic cheese board with the addition of savory hearty vegetables or simple sweets easily fits in as a staple to any fall menu.

Grilled Vegetable and Herb Président® Cheese Board

The best part of crafting and pairing these seasonal flavors is enjoying it with family and friends. Indulging in delicious Président cheeses allow you to enjoy the Labor Day weekend and embrace quality time with friends and family. Additionally, you can combine the boards with your favorite seasonal cider, beer or wine. You can appreciate the beauty and taste of these cheese, fruit and vegetable selections as fall approaches.

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